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CO-ED Indoor Fall Slo-Pitch Leagues

Win=2 points, Loss=0 points, Tie=1 point. In the event of a total point tie at the end of the season, ranking will be determined by head/head and then point difference.

Centrefield Sports indoor league follows the rules/regulations for game play as is current in the SPO Rule book for co-ed. All umpires are SPO carded and are familiar with these rules. Some additional rules are applied for indoor play and teams will be advised of these rules by the game umpires.


  Winter 2019 Schedule





JANUARY 13th, 2019

5:15pm Roadhouse Sinners Warriors
6:15pm Chiefs Lawn Gnomes
7:15pm Big Sticks Sluggers
8:15pm BatsHit Crazy RBI’d For Her Pleasure
9:15pm Those Guys Burners

JANUARY 20th, 2019

5:15pm BatsHit Crazy Sluggers
6:15pm Roadhouse Sinners Lawn Gnomes
7:15pm Those Guys RBI’d For Her Pleasure
8:15pm Big Sticks Chiefs
9:15pm Burners Warriors

JANUARY 27th, 2019

5:15pm BatsHit Crazy Chiefs
6:15pm RBI’d For Her Pleasure Burners
7:15pm Sluggers Roadhouse Sinners
8:15pm Those Guys Warriors
9:15pm Lawn Gnomes Big Sticks

FEBRUARY 10th, 2019

5:15pm Those Guys RBI’d For Her Pleasure
6:15pm Big Sticks Burners
7:15pm Roadhouse Sinners Chiefs
8:15pm Lawn Gnomes BatsHit Crazy
9:15pm Warriors Sluggers

FEBRUARY 17th, 2019

5:15pm Sluggers Lawn Gnomes
6:15pm Warriors Big Sticks
7:15pm Burners BatsHit Crazy
8:15pm Those Guys Roadhouse Sinners
9:15pm RBI’d For Her Pleasure Chiefs

FEBRUARY 24th, 2019

5:15pm Burners Roadhouse Sinners
6:15pm Chiefs Sluggers
7:15pm Lawn Gnomes Those Guys
8:15pm Warriors RBI’d For Her Pleasure
9:15pm Big Sticks BatsHit Crazy

MARCH 3rd, 2019

5:15pm Those Guys Big Sticks
6:15pm Roadhouse Sinners BatsHit Crazy
7:15pm Chiefs Warriors
8:15pm Sluggers Burners
9:15pm RBI’d For Her Pleasure Lawn Gnomes

MARCH 10th, 2019

5:15pm Chiefs Those Guys
6:15pm Warriors BatsHit Crazy
7:15pm RBI’d For Her Pleasure Big Sticks
8:15pm Lawn Gnomes Burners
9:15pm Sluggers Roadhouse Sinners

MARCH 17th, 2019

5:15pm Warriors Lawn Gnomes
6:15pm Sluggers RBI’d For Her Pleasure
7:15pm Burners Chiefs
8:15pm Big Sticks Roadhouse Sinners
9:15pm Those Guys BatsHit Crazy

MARCH 24th, 2019  – PLAYOFFS

5:15pm – 1 vs 14
6:15pm – 2 vs 13
7:15pm – 3 vs 12
8:15pm – 4 vs 11
9:15pm – 5 vs 10

MARCH 31st, 2019 – FINALS

5:15pm – 4 vs 5
6:15pm – 3 vs 6
7:15pm – 2 vs 7
8:15pm – 1 vs 5:15 winner
9:15pm – 6:15 winner vs 7:15 winner
10:15pm – 8:15 winner vs 9:15 winner

SEASON 2 – Standings

Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Total Points
BatsHit Crazy 0 0
Big Sticks 2 2
Burners 2 2
Chiefs 2 2
Lawn Gnomes 0 0
RBI’d For Her Pleasure 2 2
Roadhouse Sinners 0 0
Sluggers 0 0
Those Guys 0 0
Warriors 2 2