2014 COLLEGE/PRO BASEBALL SHOWCASE at Centrefield Sports Facility

Centrefield Sports is home to the biggest baseball showcase in Canada. Each year, over 100 athletes from all over travel to our facility to showcase their talents to the top scouts from across North America. Some of the top athletes have been captured below. If you are interested in joining our annual showcase, please contact the facility to be added to our contact listing.


Scouts who attend our showcases… Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, MLB Scouting Bureau, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Kansas City Royals, Arizona Diamondbacks, University of Oklahoma, Miami of Ohio, University of Missouri, Eastern Michigan, University of Buffalo, Southern Illinois University, Northern Kentucky, University of Illinois, University of Akron, Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, University of Utah, Siena University, Indiana State, Boston College, Niagara University, Bowling Green University, Wayne State University, Tiffin University, University of Indianapolis, Defiance College, Geneva College, University of British Columbia, Presentation College, Davenport University, Kellogg Community College, Niagara College, Jackson Community College, McComb Community College, Cuyahoga Community College.

2014 CFS Baseball Showcase Results

60 Yard Sprint
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
Nick Hamilton 6.47 Louis Jodion 6.69 Adam Hall 6.50
JF Garon 6.54 Andrew Leggo 6.90 Kurt Dawkins 6.81
Miles Gordon 6.60 Carter Sanderson 6.91 Kian Bukala 6.97
Noah Renaud 6.63
Infield Velocity
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
Matt Warkentin 85 mph Chris Procopio 82 mph Adam Hall 89 mph
Ryan Bothwell 83 mph Shane Pardis 80 mph Garner Spoljaric 83 mph
Christian Hauck 82 mph Carter Sanderson 79 mph Dallas Hunter 77 mph
Brady Schnarr 82 mph Gibson Kreminski 79 mph
Outfield Velocity
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
JF Garon 91 mph Jake Wilson 84 mph Jameson Hart 84 mph
Miles Gordon 90 mph Isaac Deveaux 84 mph Ricardo Alvarez 83 mph
Matt Warkentin 89 mph Michael Mommersteeg 81 mph Kurt Dawkins 75 mph
Catcher Velocity
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
Dean Angelo 76 mph Zach Fascia 81 mph Zach Kowalayzk 77 mph
Sam Cawker 74 mph Luke VanRycheghem 78 mph Zach Olinski 69 mph
Phil Guilmette 70 mph Andrew Yerzy 77 mph Jamie Beamish 69 mph
Catcher Pop Times
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
Dean Angelo 1.90 sec Andrew Yerzy 1.93 sec Zach Kowalayzk 2.03 sec
Sam Cawker 2.05 sec Zach Fascia 1.95 sec Zach Olinski 2.20 sec
Phil Guilmette 2.22 sec Luke VanRycheghem 1.95 sec Jamie Beamish 2.25 sec
Pitchers Velocity
2015 Grad Year 2016 Grad Year 2017 Grad Year
Michael Brettell 89 mph Sam Turcotte 87 mph Jameson Hart 81 mph
Mat Szabo 88 mph Mitchell Clark 86 mph Garner Spoljaric 81 mph
RJ Freure 87 mph Nick Virdo 84 mph Dallas Hunter 80 mph
Austin Shields 87 mph
Brett Stenger 87 mph

Our extensive list of both College and PRO Scouts is always growing.  See the list below for scouts who’ve attended our showcases.

MLB Club Scouts: Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamond Backs, Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, LA Dodgers.

Division 1: Miami, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Indiana State, Illinois State, Butler, Ohio University, Eastern Michigan, University Michigan, Michigan State, University of Buffalo, Niagara University, Canisius College, University of Utah, Northwestern, Southern Illinois University, Eastern Kentucky University, Youngstown State University, University of Oklahoma, Bowling Green State University

Division 2: Findlay University, St. Josephs University, Wayne State University, Tiffin University, Lockhaven University

NAIA: University of British Columbia, Davenport University, Presentation College

JUCO: Cuyahoga